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Reasons Why You Should Call The Pilgrim Team at Professional Realty Associates

It's not the same old real estate market anymore. These days, it's faster, more complex and more competitive in every way.

Homebuyers shop the Internet. Offers arrive by cellular phone. On-line mortgage companies make it possible to obtain pre-approved financing right in the privacy of your own living room.

In today’s rapidly changing market, Jerry and "The Pilgrim Team" stay on the cutting edge of internet marketing and current market trends to do the best job for their clients. In this fast paced world, it seems that receiving "Good Old Fashioned Quality Service" is becoming a thing of the past. However, here at The Pilgrim Team we believe our clients deserve the best service they can provide.

"CERTIFIED DISTRESSED PROPERTY EXPERT" The real estate market today has caused a great deal of hardship for every 6 out of 100 home owners. Pre-foreclosures and foreclosures have become commonplace in our neighborhoods. As a Certified Distressed Property Expert®, I can help. There are options available when it comes to foreclosure, very few people know exactly what to do or where to go! Whether it be refinance options, loan modification, or short sale Jerry can help you and your family.

What is a Certified Residential Specialist?
A Certifieid Residential Specialist is a REALTOR who has earned certification from the Council of Residential Specialists by completing a rigorous course of advanced training, and by meeting significant experience requirements.

The Pilgrim Team also specialises in relocation to York County. If you are interested in receiving our relocation book, which is full of valuable information about York County, please give us a call at (717) 757-5955 or visit

Buyer Friendly, Move Right in! Ask about $8,000 Tax Credit!

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Scenic Setting, Diamond in the Rough!

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Spectacular Views Gorgeous in and out!

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Dallastown Area Schools Home Report for September 1 through December 14 2009

Dallastown Area Schools Home Report for September 1 through December 14 2009

This report are for all the homes sold in Dallastown Area School District as of September 1st through today.

Total homes sold was 130.

The lowest price was listed for $58,000 and sold at $48,500 located at 6 E Frederick St, Dallastown, PA 17313

The highest property was listed at $525,000 and sold at $515,000 located at 2773 Chestnut Run Rd, York, PA 17402

Price ranges of homes that sold in the following chart

$40,000 - $75,000 6 homes

$75,001 - $100,000 5 homes

$100,001 - $125,000 10 homes

$125,000 - $150,000 23 homes

$150,001 - $175,000 29 homes

$175,001 - $200,000 18 homes

$200,001 - $250,000 17 homes

$250,001 - $300,000 11 homes

$300,001 - $400,000 10 homes

$400,000 - $515,000 2 homes

The median price range for Dallastown Schools real estate is $168,850 for the period.

Average of days on the market until it went under contract was 62 days

Active Listings

There are currently 265 homes on the market.

Least expensive listng is $89,999 located at 2956 Cape Horn Rd, Red Lion, PA 17356

The most expensive is $1,295,000 located at 2709 Augusta Circle, York, PA 17402

Average days on the market is 127 days or a a little over 4 month supply of inventory.

These statistics are provided by the Multiple Listings Service by the Realtors Association of York and Adams Counties

RAYAC Housing Snapshot

A monthly review of the residential real estate market in

York & Adams Counties

October 2009

October Housing Statistics

The REALTORS Association of York & Adams Counties (RAYAC) reports

that a total of 540 homes were sold in Adams County during the first 10 months

of 2009. In York County 3,343 homes were sold through the end of October.

The median sales price in Adams County was $185,950, a 7% decrease from

last year. In York County the median sale price was $159,900 reflecting a drop of only 3%. Comparing the month of

October 2008 to October 2009 number of homes sold was up 38% in York County and 12% in Adams County.

“The real estate market appears to be improving. We are interested to see the impact of extending the first time
Tuesday, December 15, 2009by The Pilgrim Team

Solving the foreclosure crisis one homeowner at a time.™

Short Sale Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure:

Dignified Solutions

©2009 Distressed Property Institute, LLC All Rights Reserved.

The above brokerage assumes no responsibility nor guarantees the accuracy of this information and is not engaged in the practice of law nor gives legal advice.

It is strongly recommended that you seek appropriate professional counsel regarding your rights as a homeowner.

Possible Crisis? There are Dignified Solutions.

The state of the U.S. economy and housing market has brought many homeowners from security to uncertainty. But within this uncertainty, solutions have been created to assist those who need help. If you or someone you know is struggling to pay the mortgage, it is vital to understand ALL the options available.

The pressures of an upside-down mortgage are not just felt by the homeowner. Lenders are looking to avoid foreclosure and work with homeowners to find solutions to their financial situations. Lenders are not in the real estate business, do not wish to take ownership of a home, and do not want a house to sit idle on the market

So what options are available to YOU?

If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure and the damages it will cause to credit scores, employment or security clearance, you should consider a short sale or a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure (or “deed-in-lieu”). These options could allow you to sell or walk away from your home without incurring liability for deficiency.

What Are Your Options…

judgments from creditors, or tax lie

In both a short sale and deed-in-lieu, your lender can claim you owe a deficiency judgment on your remaining balance. This means the lender may have the right to pursue the difference of what you owed and the eventual sale price of the home.

In a foreclosure, all rights to your property are lost, while the lender retains the right to pursue a deficiency judgment. It will also remain on your credit history for ten years or more.

During negotiations for both short sales and deed-in-lieu transactions, it is imperative to understand whether your lender reserves the right to pursue a deficiency.

What Are The Possible Tax Consequences?

When it comes to the tax implications of a short sale or deed-in-lieu transaction, you will need to consult a tax professional. As a general rule, any debt forgiven by the lending institution will be considered income. Lenders are required to file a 1099-A with the IRS showing the deficiency, which could have tax implications for you. Once you have received Form 1099-A, you will need to complete IRS Form 982 to report how much of the debt was forgiven by the lender.

Again, consulting a tax professional is a vital part of this process, and can save you from future financial difficulties. Distressed Property Institute, LLC All Rights Reserved.

What’s Your Fastest Way Out?

A deed-in-lieu is the fastest solution out of a foreclosure, compared to the timeline of a short sale. However, very few lenders will negotiate a deed-in-lieu if a lien, or second mortgage has already been taken out on the home. Also, a deed-in-lieu will be a typicalqu estion asked on any future credit applications. Your history of short sales will not be a concern. In addition, a short sale provides the feeling of accomplishment for Listing York PA Homes your home.

What Should I Look Out For?

If you are considering either a deed-in-lieu or a short sale, it would be wise to review the terms and conditions of your transaction carefully. Make certain your agent can explain whether or not a deficiency balance is forgiven, or how long the lender can pursue this judgment.

Both options can save you from the distress that foreclosure will cause on your credit, finances, future employment and, most importantly, your stability.

I Heard About “Deed-For-Lease” ... What’s That?

You might have read about a new program called Deed-for-Lease™. Fannie Mae created this program as an option for homeowners who are in distress but not eligible for a mortgage modification. Through this program, qualifying homeowners have the option to remain in their Homes for sale in york pa as renters after voluntarily transferring the property deed back to the lender. The homeowners must prove they are able to afford market rent, and then sign a lease with the lender.

Deed-for-Lease provides an additional option for borrowers who do not qualify for, or have not been able to sustain other loan-workout solutions. While this program is unique to Fannie Mae loans, be sure to discover what options your lender offers to homeowners who do not qualify for loan modifications but wish to stay in their Homes for sale in york pa.

Following are a few of the homeowner qualifications for this program:

*The property is to be used as the occupant’s primary residence

*The occupant’s income is sufficient to cover rental payments

*Inspection shows that the property has been kept in good condition

*The occupant agrees to be responsible for regular maintenance

*The number of occupants is appropriate for the home

*The occupants signing the lease must agree to a credit review

*To learn more, please contact me or visit

With more than 1 in 7 U.S. homeowners not paying the mortgage, it’s clear that no one is immune to the current economic situation.

I believe every homeowner deserves the best information and education to protect themselves from losing their home to foreclosure and ruining their credit. For those already struggling to pay their mortgages and unsure of what to do next, understanding short sales and deeds-in-lieu can ease their stress and potentially save them from an impending foreclosure. Deciding on which route will be best for you and your family’s future is the most important decision you can make. Please use this information to better understand the options available.

As a CDPE, I have been trained to assist homeowners in these difficult situations. If I can provide you with more information or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact me or go to my web page here.

Foreclosures Short Sales York PA Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure No comments have yet been submitted for this entry.

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Wyndham Hills Real Estate Activity Report for 2009

Wyndham Hills Real Estate Activity Report

Real Estate activity for Wyndham Hills, York, PA for the peiod of January 1st through November 30, 2009

Active Listings - Total currently listed 10

Least expensive home on the market is located at 1290 Grantley Rd at $269,900. The most expensive is $1,185,000 located at 900 Oakdale Rd. The median price is $507,450 and the average days a property has been on the market is 116.

Sold Listings - 8 sold

The least expensive was located at 850 Grantley Court, York at the price of $432,000. The most expensive home located at 1780 S Wyndham Dr, York sold for $1,050,000. The median price for those homes sold was $580,000, and the average days the homes were on the market was 136 days.

If you have an area anywhere in York County you would like to have a market update on a regular basis don't hesitate to contact us at Professional Realty Associates and the Pilgrim Team. We are here to serve you.

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Harvest Your Gratitude This Thanksgiving!

A Happy Thanksgiving of Gratitude! Gratitude is an Attitude...

Do you wait until Thanksgiving Day or Christmas to thank those that you love and those that have helped you? It is important to spend time during these special holidays to be thankful. However, it shouldn't be the only time you demonstrate your love and appreciation to others.

Here in York County Pennsylvania you should have no problem thinking of ones to thank on a daily or weekly basis. What can be done to help others this Thanksgiving?
If you need some ideas, here are some to get you thinking:
* The economy has affected many families this holiday season, donate non perishables to a local food bank, or donate your grocery store free turkey for those less fortunate. Invite a family less fortunate into your home and share your meal with them. Better yet invite someone who is alone to enjoy the holidays with your family. Do you have extra coats? You can donate them too.
* The Pilgrim Team is proud to sponsor the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves Toys for Tots Program again this year! We will be accepting donations for needy children at our office 3921 E. Market St York, PA. We are starting our toy drive early this year, because now more than ever there is a need to help out the families of less fortunate children have a great Christmas. In addition The Pilgrim Team is Happy to donate their moving truck to help distribute the toys.
* Your appreciation may have more of an impact when it is done at an unexpected time. Giving thanks during the holidays can be somewhat expected. Surprise someone by showing your gratitude when it is least expected and it will be remembered for a long time.
* Your notes and thoughtful comments won't get diluted by those from others trying to catch up for the past year on their thanks.
* True gratitude involves action. Lend a hand, Pitch in, Volunteer, Thank a Veteran or a Solder overseas, Make a gift, Give your time, or just listen. Give back as often as you can.

Giving thanks doesn't just benefit the other person. You will receive benefits from doing it as well. You will begin to feel happier and more relaxed. In fact, it has been proven in studies that being grateful can have a positive effect on your health. It can reduce your stress and boost your immune system.

Christmas is important. Easter is important. Halloween is important for the kids. But for our own personal happiness, there is nothing like a truly heartfelt Thanksgiving. Why wouldn't you look for every opportunity to show your thankfulness to others? Don't wait for a holiday before you look for opportunities to show your gratitude. Give thanks on a regular basis throughout the year.
Make every day Thanksgiving Day in 2009!

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it --William Arthur Ward

Is now the time to Sell and Buy your next home in York PA

I'm often asked if this is a good time to buy or sell a home here in York, PA. Some of my clients are concerned that home prices may fall further than they already have. They are assuming that the best course of action is to wait for the bottom in the market and then buy a home here in York at that time. The problem with this approach is that you don't know where the bottom is until after you passed it it is like looking in the rear view mirror, meaning until you've missed it!

Home prices are one factor in determining your cost of ownership, but so are interest rates and financing availability. Even though interest rates have held fairly steady the last six months, they are still near historic lows. Since your monthly mortgage payment is a combination of paying down your principal and paying the interest owed, if home prices come down a little further but interest rates go up, it could cost you even more to service a mortgage on an identical home!

While a home is a major investment, it is also the center of your personal life. It's important to live in a home that reflects your taste and values, yet is within your financial "comfort zone." To that end, it may be more important to lock in today's relatively low interest rates and low home prices, rather than to hope for a further break in prices in the future.

Please give me a call me Jerry Pilgrim if I can be of any assistance in determining how much home you can afford in today's market. Visit me at

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Stewartstown Station Real Estate Statistics

is this the housing statistic actiivity since Jan 1st 2009 in the sub-division known as Stewartstown Station in York County PA. It is located just outside of Stewartstown, PA and located within the Southeatern School District.

Current "active listings" as of November 23rd - 4 homes are listed begiining at $244,900 and the top price os $289,900.

Homes that have sold as of th 1st of 2009:

14 homes have had the deeds transferred, sold prices ranged from $169,900 to $300,000.

If you compare this year statistics to the same time period in 2008 you will find that 7 homes sold that year from $229,900 to a high of $305,000.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Haines Acres Home Sales Statistics

Below are the current Homes for sale in york pa that have either been sold, pending or are currently active in the Haines Acres Neighborhod. The date range begins May 1st thru November 19, 2009. The statistics have gome from the Realtors Assocaiation of York and Adams Counties.




$389,900 $55,000 $200,873 $176,250 $7,030,562

$285,000 $147,500 $202,845 $188,450 $4,056,900 35

336 1 82 40

Appraiser Spreadsheet

MLS # StatusType Schl Dist Address City BRFBHBTtl Fin SF Tot Acre L/P S/P ClsPdBySlrDOM

20906351 PND DET York Suburban 730 Edgewood Rd York 2 0 0 735 0.260000 $55,000 156

20907560 SOLD DET York Suburban 1021 Sundale Dr York 3 1 1 1449 0.231400 $157,900 $147,500 35

20908696 SOLD DET York Suburban 2465 Cambridge Road York 3 1 0 1962 0.206600 $149,900 $148,000 3000.00 61

20904832 SOLD DET York Suburban 212 Greystone Road York 3 1 0 1260 0.143500 $152,400 $149,500 0.00 55

20902035 SOLD DET York Suburban 901 HAINES ROAD YORK 4 2 0 2174 0.354100 $159,900 $154,900 3199.91 145

20814023 SOLD DET York Suburban 2479 Auburn Road York 3 1 0 1513 0.330600 $159,000 $157,000 5000.00 201

20905227 SOLD DET York Suburban 2478 Crystal Lane York 3 1 1 1391 0.198300 $163,000 $158,000 108

20909307 SOLD DET York Suburban 2570 Raleigh Drive York 3 1 1 1992 0.212000 $157,900 $160,000 6100.00 23

20910223 PND DET York Suburban 501 Erlen Drive York 3 2 0 1952 0.234200 $162,500 37

20911516 PND DET York Suburban 2545 AUBURN ROAD YORK 3 1 0 1618 0.220000 $162,900 4

20903782 SOLD DET York Suburban 2456 Bradford Drive York 3 2 0 1716 0.206600 $165,000 $165,000 7500.00 5

20812788 PND DET York Suburban 2512 Brighton Drive York 4 2 0 2548 0.248000 $165,512 297

20911688 ACT DET York Suburban 2661 Cambridge Rd York 4 2 0 1302 0.213500 $169,900 30

20910627 PND DET York Suburban 970 Sundale Drive York 3 1 1 1391 0.247900 $169,900 15

20912395 ACT DET York Suburban 2800 Eastwood Drive York 4 2 0 1911 0.247700 $174,900 10

20911884 ACT DET York Suburban 2456 Wharton Road York 3 1 1 1580 0.214600 $174,900 24

20910982 PND DET York Suburban 2457 Eastwood Dr York 3 1 1 1963 0.217200 $174,900 32

20911698 ACT DET York Suburban 550 Sundale Drive York 3 2 0 1674 0.239700 $176,250 30

20911404 PND DET York Suburban 480 Ardmore Lane York 4 2 1 2332 0.300000 $179,900 8

20906140 ACT DET York Suburban 2464 Schoolhouse Lane York 3 1 1 1957 0.212100 $179,900 177

20906101 SOLD DET York Suburban 770 Erlen Drive York 3 1 1 2323 0.234200 $187,900 $184,000 336

20906433 SOLD DET York Suburban 3230 Dorsett Lane York 3 2 0 1644 0.300000 $184,900 $184,900 23

20909421 SOLD DET York Suburban 491 Maywood Road York 4 1 1 1726 0.288500 $214,900 $192,000 14

20911514 ACT DET York Suburban 2541 Raleigh Dr York 3 2 0 1444 0.200000 $199,500 40

20907546 SOLD DET York Suburban 445 Ivory Road York 3 2 1 1659 0.260000 $214,900 $214,900 21

20903393 SOLD DET York Suburban 2965 FORREST LANE YORK 4 2 1 2647 0.270000 $249,900 $235,000 0.00 57

20903952 SOLD DET York Suburban 2870 Forrest Lane York 3 2 0 2677 0.276100 $249,900 $249,000 1

20814040 SOLD DET York Suburban 2 Hunting Park Court York 3 2 1 2609 0.650500 $249,900 $249,900 7497.00 177

20902130 SOLD DET York Suburban 510 Ardmore Lane York 4 2 1 2674 0.266400 $277,900 $250,000 173

20908262 SOLD DET York Suburban 730 Plymouth Rd. York 4 2 1 2721 0.266900 $259,900 $252,500 51

20909067 SOLD DET York Suburban 520 Ardmore Lane York 4 3 1 2780 0.267000 $259,900 $259,900 5000.00 15

20903877 SOLD DET York Suburban 830 PINEHURST ROAD YORK 5 2 2 3368 0.378700 $259,900 $259,900 10000.00 114

20900679 SOLD DET York Suburban 990 Melrose Lane York 3 2 0 2254 0.315000 $299,900 $285,000 116

20905950 ACT DET York Suburban 3220 Forrest Lane York 5 2 1 2875 0.264500 $319,900 175

20908669 ACT DET York Suburban 3280 Forrest Lane York 4 3 1 4313 0.676000 $389,900 108


This information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed

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Help Others Have a Merry Christmas!!

44 days and counting! Are you ready for all the holiday shopping? Please don't forget the Toys for Tots Program this year when you are looking over you list. At Professional Realty Associates located at 3921 East Market Street, the Pilgrim Team has a drop off box to collect any new toys you would like to donate to less fortunate children. This is a very worthwhile project and I know it would make your heart feel warm, and it would especially warm the hearts of all the youngsters who receive these gifts on Christmas morning! You can visit the Pilgrim Team website at for more information. Have a happy holiday season!

Thank a Veteran Today!

Honor those who fought for us and those who served our country!
Take the time to "Thank a vet" for their patriotic sacrifice for country.
So remember each time you see someone who has served our country. When you see one just lean over and say Thank You.
That's all most people need, and in most cases it will mean more than any medals they could have been awarded or were awarded.

Two little words that mean a lot, "THANK YOU".

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Home Sales in York CentralSchool District


20903028 3304 Stone Ridge Road $99,900 $101,000 101% 174
20908359 962 WILLOW RIDGE DRIVE $248,000 $250,000 101% 40
20908610 727 N GEORGE STREET $109,900 $99,900 91% 26
20908987 235 Edgewood Rd $149,900 $155,000 103% 7
20910148 2925 Meadowbrook Blvd $140,000 $140,000 100% 7
20910785 2520 Mt. Zion Road $89,900 $89,900 100% 14
Totals $837,600 $835,800 100% 45

20907476 1207 N DUKE ST. $119,000 $99,500 84% 78
20909722 26 E EIGHTH AVENUE $75,900 $74,900 99% 30
Totals $194,900 $174,400 89% 54

20814291 68 Lexton Drive $110,000 $99,000 90% 244
20906825 3628 Pleasant Valley Road $159,900 $148,000 93% 73
20907359 1683 Long Drive $79,900 $77,900 97% 350
20907379 336 BRUAW DR $149,900 $119,900 80% 50
Totals $499,700 $444,800 89% 179

York PA Shortsales and Foreclosures

Hi Everyone,
It's that time of year again, and even I'm planning some travel and setting my affairs in order for the next few months. I hope you and your family are happy and healthy headed into the end of the year, and I look forward to catching up soon.
But I'm finding this time of year is also proving difficult for a lot of people in our community who are upside-down on their mortgages in York PA and surrunding area's and don’t know what to do. I'm seeing it often lately, and in these cases I'm also finding a lack of good information.
This is why I became a Certified Distressed Property Expert. I want to make sure the people of our community have the right facts to make the right decision for their individual situations. And to help, I made this website dedicated to the issues affecting distressed homeowners, and the solutions available to them:

Download my free report on the myths concerning short sales. Because in reality, a short sale could be the best solution for a homeowner in trouble. Use this report to gain insight on your situation, or to help someone you know. Don't let your path to a stable financial future get derailed by a myth.

Feel free to contact me to learn more about this or just to talk ... either way it would be great to hear from you.

Sincerely yours,

Jerry Pilgrim
Professional Realty Associates
The Pilgrim Team

Friday, November 06, 2009

Home Buyer Tax Credit Extended with Changes

This is what I just received from NAR.
Charles McMillan, 2009 NAR President

As of today – Thursday, November

– that bill has passed and will be sent to President Obama for his signature.

We have posted a side-by-side comparison of the changes on Let me summarize the changes quickly now:

When the President signs the bill, the expiration date for the credit will move to April 30, 2010.

First-time buyers who have not had interest in a principle residence for three years are still eligible, and the maximum amount remains the same – $8,000 for married couples, $4,000 for those filing separately.
Current homeowners, who have consecutively maintained the home they want to sell as their primary residence for five of the last eight years, are also eligible. However, the maximum amount for those homeowners is lower: $6,500 for married couples and $3,200 for those filing separately.
The tax credit may not used to purchase a home for more than $800,000. All buyers who want to get the credit must include documentation of the purchase on their tax returns.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Toys for Tots Drive

The Pilgrim Team is is proud to sponser Toys for Tots as a drop off location again this year! We will be accepting donations for needy children at our office below.  We are starting our toy drive early this year, because more than ever there is a need to help out the families of less fortunate children have a great christmas. In addition The Pilgrim Team is Happy to donate their moving truck to help distribute the toys.
Toys For Tots Drop off Location
Professional Realty Associates
3921 E. Market Street York, PA 17402 757-5955
is supporting the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves Toys For Tots Program again this year!
Help us support them by bringing new unwrapped toys.
Monday thru Friday 9am - 5pm thru Dec at the above location.
Make a child Smile This Holiday Season!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Learn the Truth about Short Sales

Thursday, October 29, 2009
by The Pilgrim Team, York, PA

Short Sale Myths

A short sale can be an excellent solution for homeowners who must sell and owe more on their Homes for sale in york pa than they are worth. Unfortunately, a number of myths about short sales have developed, and it is important to understand the reality of this process should you find it meets your current needs.

Myth #1 - The Bank Would Rather Foreclose than Bother with a Short Sale

The qualifications for a short sale include:This is one of the most common misconceptions. The reality is that banks do not want to foreclose on your property because the foreclosure process is incredibly costly. Banks, investors, and even the federal government have all publicly stated that if a person is qualified for a short sale, the deal needs to be considered. Overwhelmingly, banks receive more on their investment through a short sale than a foreclosure.

1. Financial hardship- There is a situation causing you to have trouble affording your mortgage.
2. Monthly Income Shortfall - "You have more month than money." A lender will want to see thatyou cannot afford, or soon will not be able to afford your mortgage.
3. Insolvency - The lender will want to see that you do not have significant liquid assets that would allow you to pay down your mortgage.

Myth #2 -You Must Be Behind on Your Mortgage to Negotiate a Short Sale

While this may have previously been the case, today lenders are looking for verifiable hardship, monthly cash flow shortfall, or pending shortfall and insolvency.

If you meet these three requirements and believe that you soon may be unable to afford your mortgage, act immediately. Any delay could limit your options. Do not wait until the countdown clock to foreclosure has started and you have even less time left.

Myth #3 - There,is Not Enough Time to Negotiate a Short Sale Before My Foreclosure

This is a myth that probably hurts homeowners the most. Many do not realize that foreclosure is a process, and that there is time to make decisions that may result in better outcomes.

The foreclosing party-in most cases a lender--can stall a foreclosure up to the final day of the process. Today, many lenders will stall a foreclosure with as little as a phone call from you explaining that you are trying to sell, and almost all lenders will stall a foreclosure with a legitimate contract. For real estate professionals who understand foreclosures and short sales, there is time available until the foreclosure process is complete.

Myth #4 - Listing My Home as a Short Sale is an Embarrassment

It is understandable to have reservations about letting the world know that you owe more on your home than it is worth. However, according to recent estimates, one out of five homeowners in theU.S. is in the same situation. You are to be congratulated for admitting you need help, taking action, and finding a professional who can work with you toward a solution.

With recent estimates showing 40-60% of U.S. sales will be short sales or foreclosures, you are not alone.

Myth #5 - Short Sales are Impossible and Never Get Approved

This is a complete falsehood. Are short sales more difficult to execute? Yes. Do you, as a homeowner, need to learn about a new process? Yes. Are they impossible? Absolutely not.

For example, agents with the Certified Distressed Property Expert(CDPE) Designation receive thousands of short sale approvals on a monthly basis. These professionals have undergone extensive training in methods to help homeowners in distress and process short sales. While there are no guarantees in any transaction, more and more short sales are being approved regularly. This is far from an impossible process.

Myth #6 - Banks are Waiting on a Bailout and Not Accepting Short Sales

You may have heard this, but the reality is that banks (and the U.S. government) are trying to do anything they can, within reason, to avoid foreclosing on properties. It is preposterous to believe they would deny a short sale in hopes that some future legislation would pass and pay them for losses.

Today, more banks are aggressively pursuing short sales and working with agents who understand how how to process them. Freddie Mac recently hosted a national training webinar for real estate agents where they expressly stated the organizational goal of "eliminating distressed assets through loan modifications or short sales."

Myth #7 - Buyers are Not Interested in Short Sale Properties

This is a myth that potential sellers hear all the time. Thankfully, this is just not true. In fact, many agents are getting calls from buyers who say they only want to look at foreclosure and short sales.

For buyers, short sales and foreclosures have become synonymous with "good deals." More specifically, international buyers are targeting these properties. Listing with an experienced agent who is educated in the short sale process will provide you with a great chance of quickly seeing a contract on your property.

In conclusion, Agents with the CDPE Designation have been trained in all aspects of the short sale process, and know how to deal with the parties involved in foreclosures. Finding a CDPE can explain what options you have, and get you on the path to recovery.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Search for Open Houses Online

As a homebuyer, how do you learn where open houses are in the area? You probably start by checking out the ads in the local paper. Then, you might hop in the car on Sunday afternoon, cruising the streets on the chance you might stumble upon an open-house sign. With gas prices at an all-time high, do you really want to waste an afternoon driving up and down the streets of the neighborhood in which you’d like to move looking for the possibility of an open house? Looking for open houses just got easier.

The new and innovative Web site allows buyers to search open houses throughout your desired community. It is fast and user-friendly! Currently, real estate agents have listed their open houses on the site, which is updated weekly.  Simply go to the Web site, type in your preferred area and immediately see hundreds of open houses in the comfort of your own home. View maps, directions and multiple pictures before you get in the car and traverse the neighborhood. With more than 75 percent of homebuyers using the Internet to view homes for sale, doesn’t it make sense to find information about open houses online? Save time, money and the hassles of driving all over town for open houses. Visit today to see the upcoming open houses in your neighborhood.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is Now The Time To Sell My House?

Is now the time to sell my house or should I wait? That is probably the question most people who want to sell are asking themselves these days. It all comes down to do you need to sell right now or just do want to make a change? Sometimes because of a job relocation it is not a decision you have any choice to make. But if you want to sell because you have outgrown your present house due to family size or maybe you want to downsize because the kids have moved out, what do you do? With the dramatic drop in home values do you wait for the market to recover to the norm or do you sell now? Let's take a look at where the market is and where it may be going. If your house has dropped around 20% in value over the last 3 years and the market rebounds to what is considered normal which is an average of 2-3% appreciation a year it could take over 10 years for the market to make up the difference in what you lost. Most people don't and can't wait that long. What you do have going for you is that you can possibly save thousands of dollars on the house you will buy and at a very low interest rate if you need to finance it. So is it a good time to bet.

What is most important if you decide to sell you house keep in mind that all Realtors are not alike. As far a what company do you hire, that really has no bearing on your decision, remember the company does not sell your house the agent does. So be sure you choose an experienced agent who has an excellent marketing plan, has excellent negotiating skills and has the experience to help you all the way until you get a successful sale. Please feel free to check me out at my web page or call me for a interview. You'll be glad you did.

Big Savings on Big Homes!

If you ever thought of a time to buying a larger home in an upscale neighborhood, now is the time. With Mortgage interest rates low and larger home prices that have dropped substantially and now you can save $10's of thousands of dollars like never before. Local York neighborhoods, such as Wyndham Hills, Brittany, Autumn Wood, Springwood, Chestnut Ridge, South Wynd, Sentry Woods and many more have seen dramatic price reductions. Take the time to search the local house market and call us to take a peek. You will be glad you did.

Update on the $8,000 Tax Credit

I recently had a conversation with our local congressman about what may be happening to the first time home buyers tax credit as it now exists. It sounds like our Representatives in Washington are leaning towards allowing all buyers of real estate to use the tax credit and it may be increased to as much as $15,000. I expect the program to be passed by both houses. What this will do for homeowners in the price ranges above $200,000 should help stabilize the prices and hopefully see an increase. Stay Tuned! This is good news York, PA.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Homes Going into Foreclosure in 2009

Tips for homeowners in distress to avoid foreclosure.
Most people have options when it comes to foreclosure, very few people know exactly what to do or where to go! Whether is be refinance options, modifying your loan, or short sale, seak advice from someone who has the training, knowledge, and tools to help you in a time of financial hardship (free of charge). An agent who has earned CDPE© Certified Distressed Property Expert© designation has dedicated their time and effort to understanding the issues distressed homeowners are dealing with.
So if you or anyone you know is considering bankruptcy and in fear of going into forclosure, now is the time to learn your options. Feel free to call Jerry Pilgrim today! 717-757-5955 or visit . He is available to explain the options and paths in front of you, to help you choose the best solution for you and your family.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Shortsale Financing

There is a rumor floating around in the York PA area that "FHA, VA finacing is not acceptable for shortsales". This is the furthest from the truth. The Lender who makes the decision regarding the shortsale approval's want to see a mortgage pre-approval and then the mortgage commitment prior to the settlement. As long as the Buyer finds a lender who will provide the financing for the shortsale they could care less what financing ultimately helps pay for the property. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Cozy Clean and Ready for New Ownership!

Call Jerry Pilgrim now at 717-757-5955 to see this home or any other home you may see or go to:

Click Here to Search the ENTIRE York County MLS - Updated Hourly - Large Photos - Easy-to-read Maps

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Extend The Home Buyer $8,000 Tax Credit

Extend the Home Buyer $8,000 Tax Credit
Thursday, October 15, 2009
by Jerry
The $8,000 tax credit is set to expire November 30th. Currently Congress is deliberating on to either let it expire or possibly extend the credit with modifications. The talk is that they could raise the credit to as high as $15,000 for all buyers (this means not just for 1st time home buyers). With the state of the economy nationally and the fact that local economy (Useful Information about York PA) is so depended on real estate related goods I believe if anything that needs a continued stimulus is real estate. I wouldn't have said that before this all started but since the government started down this road they have to finish what they started and don't let this vehicle run out of gas now. If they don't extend this to all home buyers it could be devastating nationally.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Foreclosures on the rise

According to the publication "Residential Specialist" one million foreclosures were filed in the first 5 months of 2009 and could reach 2.4 million by the end of the year. The Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), a nonprofit policy group, CRL estimates that these foreclosures could affect as many as 70 million nearby households and contribute to lost property values totaling $502 billion, or about $7,200 per family.

My goal as a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) is to help people to avoid foreclosure either by Loan Modification or a Short Sale. If you know someone who may have a reduction of income or job loss or may have experienced time off work due to health issues or possibly some other valid reason for not being able to make a payment please contact me for a confidential meeting. I am here to help.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

York PA Home Search

You can now search for homes in York, PA by going to or You can set up a personal search just for you and the system will send you the listings you requested as sson as the come on to the market. Other towns that you can search are: Manchester, Red Lion, Dallastown, Shrewsbury, Stewartstown, New Freedom, Glen Rock, Hallam, Mount Wolf. You can also search by School Districts they are: Central York, Southern York, Southeastern York, Spring Grove, West York, Northeastern York, Eastern York, Red Lion, Dallastown and Northern York. Try your search today and you will like the results that include photo's, maps and much more.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Foreclosure and Short Sale List

We can now provide you a list of all the current homes that are going to be a short sale or a foreclosure even before theyare on the market! Go to:

Foreclosure and Short Sale Seminar

"The Pilgrim Team" at Professional Realty Associates would like to invite you to a Free Informative Home Buying Seminar.
Thursday August 20th at 7:00pmat Professional Realty Associates3921 E. Market st, York PA 17402
We will cover the following topics:
* Purchasing Foreclosures and Short Sales* This Current Buyers Market* The Settlement Process and Title Insurance* Buying your first home and taking advantage of the New $8,000 First Time Home Buyers Credit* Loan Options and New Loan Guidelines
Jerry Pilgrim, Professional Realty AssociatesWill speak to buyers interested in purchasing foreclosures and short sales.
Refreshments and snacks will be provided.
If you've given any thought to making a move, whether into your first home or your fourth, we'd love for you to join us at our FREE seminar!
Anyone who attends will receive a buyers orientation book. All Attendees who purchase a home with us will receive a Free 1 yr. Home Warranty.
For More Information or to make reservations for the Free seminar call Professional Realty Associates at 717-757-5955 or visit our webpage at and click on the link to register online.

Foreclsure List now available

Home buyers looking for great deals on homes that are bank owned (REO'S) or short sales can contact us for the latest property listings that we can pull from other bank sites as they come on the market or even before they go to foreclosure. We would be happy to provide home buyers looking for foreclosures in York County PA. Contact us today for the list!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Buyers Market for Foreclosures and Shortsales

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

by Jerry Pilgrim

People in Useful Information about York PA are looking for housing deals and they are looking for help to find those deals before the Homes for sale in york pa go on the market with a local real estate agent. There a many Homes for sale in york pa that sellers want to sell but they have not listed them with a Realtor. We can provide buyers who are looking for pre-foreclosure Homes for sale in york pa or short sales with lists of Homes for sale in york pa. Email or call us today so we can find that home for you at a greatly reduced price.

$8,000 Tax Credit

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
by Jerry
York County first time home buyers have been out in force taking advantage of the $8,000 tax credit. Time is running out for buyers. If you would like to buy a home and are short of a down payment or closing costs, you can also take advantage of historically low mortgage interest rates. Buyers must settle on a home by November 30, 2009 in order to take advantage of this.

National Housing Price Statistics

by Jerry
National housing prices fell 9.2 percent in May compared to a year ago, which marks the smallest year-over-year decline recorded sofar in 2009 and the lowest since December 2007, accourding to the First Amerivan CoreLogic's latest Loan Performance Home Price Indes. National home prices have declined 20.1 percent since they peaked in July 2006.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guaranteed Home Sale Program

In todays real estate market home sellers feel like they have few options when they sell a home. They are afraid to write a contract on another home when they still have a home to sell first. If they do write a contract it could be at a higher price since they can't give the home seller a guarantee that their house will sell. However, if the buyers know they have there house sold they can negotiate a lower price with the seller and give the seller a closing date. The Pilgrim Team at Professional Realty Associates can take the fear away of selling your home with our "Guaranteed Sale Program". We make it simple and in writing what we are willing to pay for your house and when we will buy it. Now you can shop for the home of your dreams and not have to worry about if your house sells. Our team of professionals are here to help you in all your ral estate needs and make it an enjoyable experience. Call us today for more details (717) 757-5955.

House Deals in York County PA Neighborhoods

There are a lot of folks out looking to take advantage of the current slumping housing market here in York County PA. The best deals seem to be in the neighborhoods built since 2003. To name a few comunities that have the most short sale and foreclosure activity they would be; Logans Reserve, Stewartstown Station, Peacefields, Chatham Creek, Sage Hill, Springwood, Wellington Hills, Hunt Club, Colonial Crossings, Pahagaco Heights,Rosebrook, Whisper Run, Wallingford, Brownstone Manor, Hunter Creek, Bennet Run, Chestnut Valley.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Free Foreclosure/Short Sale Buyers Workshop

"The Pilgrim Team" at Professional Realty Associates
would like to invite you to a Free Informative Home Buying Seminar.

Thursday August 20th at 7:00pm
at Professional Realty Associates

3921 E. Market st, York PA 17402

We will cover the following topics:

* Purchasing Foreclosures and Short Sales
* This Current Buyers Market
* The Settlement Process and Title Insurance
* Buying your first home and taking advantage of the New $8,000 First Time Home Buyers Credit
* Loan Options and New Loan Guidelines

Jerry Pilgrim, Professional Realty Associates
Will speak to buyers interested in purchasing foreclosures and short sales.

Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

If you've given any thought to making a move, whether into your first home or your fourth, we'd love for you to join us at our FREE seminar!

Anyone who attends will receive a buyers orientation book. All Attendees who purchase a home with us will receive a Free 1 yr. Home Warranty.

For More Information or to make reservations for the Free seminar call Professional Realty Associates at 717-757-5955 or visit our webpage at and click on the link to register online.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Buying or Selling Homes in York PA

If your a ready to sell or buy a home in York, PA call Jerry Pilgrim of the Pilgrim team today. If you would like a relocation guide on all things about York County I will be glad to provide you one. It contains valuable information from schools, shopping, parks and recreation and historical areas of interest. Want to rent. We have rental lists available.

House Flipping

Beware of House Flippers! Sellers beware of the come on advertising to "buy your house for cash". Remember it is an investor looking to steal your house at a low price, put as few dollars in it and turn around and make a tidy sum. Who loses? The house Seller. Who wins the investor. Unless you are desperate for a quick sale don't talk to these people!

Foreclosures in York PA

Jerry Pilgrim Is a CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert), If you are thinking about listing a house or buying think of me in York PA. The Foreclosure process is a little more complicated and confusing for most other real estate agents. You need someone who has the training and experience to help you find the home at the absolute best price and knowledge of what to look out for that could either save or cost you thousands of dollars. Don't make a mistake call the Pilgrim Team Today!

York County PA Home Market Statistics

York PA Housing Statistics

Single Family Homes:

Jan-May 08' SOLD Units - 938 represents a 14% decrease over the same time period in '08. It also represents a 33% decrease over '07.

Time on Market for sold homes in '09 for same time period was 85 days.

Homes that are currently Active (unsold) have been on the markey 120 days.

The Median home price dropped form a high in '07 of $221,013 to $211,335 in '08 to $188,588 a 33% decline.

What these statistics mean for Buyers is obvious. If you have the means to buy a home NOW is the time. The low interest rates couples with the more affordable home prices in York County PA. The $8,000 dollar tax rebate will run out Dec 1st of this year.

For Home Sellers the home must be priced to the market or it will become another unsold statistic. You will need to choose a Realtor with an A+ marketing program that will give your home maximum exposure to potential home buyers. List your home with Jerry Pilgirm and you will get just that.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

York County Balloon Festival

York County Balloon Festival takes place June 19-21, 2009
John Rudy County Park
400 Mundis Race Road, York PA. 17406
Proceeds benefit York County Parks.
Admission is $10. for a carload, or 15 for a 3 day pass.
The Hot Air Balloon Rides Lauch 6am Saturday and Sunday and 6pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Activities are planned throughout each day:
Over 100 Arts & Craft Vendors
A Wide variety of Food Vendors
Horse Drawn Carriage Rides
Family oriented Activities all Day
Fireworks on Friday evening at dusk
and a Car Show Sunday
For more information:

Friday, June 05, 2009

You Need Time and Patience to Buy a Foreclosure or a Short Sale!

by Jerry

Are you thinking about buying a distressed property? If you are, you will need TIME - a short sale or an REO (Bank Owned property) will both take longer than the typical sale. There are certainly benefits to buying a foreclosure or short sale, that being a lower price. However since we have a Lender involved in the final acceptance of the buyers offe to the seller it could take 60 - 90 days for the negotiator for the lender to make the decision. The decision isn't always that they will accept the offer. As a buyer you must be prepared to counter-offer what the negotiator has proposed. This could take another 2 weeks or so for the final decision. If you don't have the time or patience to wait this is not for you. However, if you do you could make yourself a considerable savings.

Be Wary of Real Estate Scam's!

by Jerry

Are you thinking about Listing York PA Homes your house? Be careful there are individuals out there who want to take advantage of you with an offer to purchase your property for CASH. They will purchase it, but at a very reduced value, typically 40% less than what it is really worth. They will turn around and sell the property at market value and pocket hat should have been you profit, not theirs. If you want to sell- sell with a Realtor. As a member of The National Association of Realtors, Realtors abide to a Code of Ethics. Don't talk to these people.

Stop Foreclosures Now!

Did you realize most people do not need to go into foreclosure? People think it is their only option. If you sell your property in a short sale (Lender takes less than what is owed on it), you could save your credit and also your job. Don't let it happen call a Certified Property Expert to explain why you shouldn't do it.

Monday, June 01, 2009

The Street Rods are Coming!

36th Annual Street Rod Nationals East
June 5-7th 2009
The York Expo Center, hosts Street Rod Nationals East, the largest annual street rod event in the Eastern US. The event brings thousands of street rods into the city for a few days in June. On Friday afternoon the city holds a parade through the center of the city for participating vehicles.
In the evenings you can visit all the local hotels and see the cars displayed, also some of the hotels have outside food vendors and music while all their guest show off there cars relaxing for the next day at the York Expo Center. It could be a great way to experience the car show without the expensive and heat at the fairgrounds. So if your driving through york June 5-7 and wonder why people have lawn chairs all along Rt. 30 you can be sure the Street Rods are in town.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pennsylvania Wine and Music Festival this Weekend

2nd Annual 2nd Annual Taste of Pennsylvania Wine and Music Festival
is this Saturday and Sunday 11am-6pm.
This two day outdoor event includes 10-12 Pennsylvania wineries from across the states presenting their different wines for tasting.
There will also be educational presentations and live bands,over 40 craft, trade, and food vendors.
Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon!
You can get more information at

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Celebrate the Season at Farmers Markets

Looking for something to do on a early morning summer weekend?
One of the best things about weekends is shopping the numerous farmers' markets in York County! Some are indoors some are outdoors and there stocked with lots of yummy, seasonal goodness.
Below is a list of markets you can go to for inexpensive, fresh local Produce, Meats, and homemade Breads. Catch a bite to eat at various food stands and browse the vender shops! Check them out, eat healthy, it will be worth the trip. Some things you need to know: Go early, bring cash, bring a sturdy bag, and of course bring your family.

Brown's Orchards & Farm Market 8892 Susquehanna Trail South
Loganville, PA 17342. Country Store with homegrown fruit, bakery, fresh deli, gift shop. Also Brown’s Farm Market & Garden Center a second location at Shiloh Nurseries on 3100 North North George St. Emigsville. The store adjacent to the greenhouse has been transformed into a "mini-Brown's" with all of your favorite Brown's fruits, bakery and pantry items.

Central Market 34 West Philadelphia St York, PA 17401 Central Market is an historic downtown farmers market operating continuously since 1888. We offer the full range of fresh produce, meats, deli products, and many specialty items.

Morningstar Marketplace 5209 Lincoln Highway, West Sat 8:00-4 Sun 8-3.This is a wonderful farmer's market, with lots of booths of fresh produce, meats, craft items, Antique gallery and flea market houses 500+ vendors.

Markets at Shrewsbury 12025 Susquehanna Trail
Glen Rock, PA 17327 Off I-83 Between Exits 4 & 8 Thursday, 9AM-5PM Friday, 9AM-7PM Saturday, 8AM-5PM. A large variety of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, salads, gourmet baked goods and home baked goods. On site eating establishments, coffee shop, and winery will quench your appetite and thirst. You will find Amish made furniture, quilts, crafts and unique gifts at the Amish Markets and Our Gift and Specialty Shops.

Market & Penn St. Farmers Market
380 W. Market St.York, PA 17401 in downtown York. Listed on the National Historic Register, it is the oldest continuously operating farmers market in York. The Market is owned and run by the vendors, many of whom are third generation and greater. The Market operates year round and has free offstreet parking every market day. An abundance of fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables are available during the growing season, and fresh locally grown meats and poultry products are offered by local butchers. In addition, there are stands selling prepared foods freshly made with ingredients purchased from other market vendors.

New Eastern Market Co., Inc. 201 Memory Lane York, PA 17402
Open only Fridays. New Eastern Market has farm-fresh produce, baked goods and local meats and cheeses in the Pennsylvania German tradition.

Inexpensive York County Weekend/Daytrip Getaway's

July is Recreation and Parks Month, "Healthy Lifestyles, Livable Communities... Its Starts in Parks" is their motto.
Whether its picnicking, hiking, mountain biking, camping or just attending a park event, hop off the sofa and check out York County's numerous State and County Parks.
Take a moonlight Bike Ride along the Rail Trail, swim, fish, or boat in Gifford Pinchot lake, or enjoy moonlight boating at Lake Redman, rent a canoe or kayak and take a trip down a creek or the Susquehanna. Take your dog for a walk at the Canine Meadows, new off leash area at John Rudy County Park. Or check out the stars the public can view various celestial objects once a month free of charge year around at the Rudy Park Observatory. Bring the kids to the Environmental Education Center at Richard M. Nixon Park where they can see wildlife exhibits, live snakes and a bird observation window. Fly a kite at the crest of Mt Pisgah at Samuel S. Lewis State Park or just take in the spectacular panoramic view of the Susquehanna River. Take a trip to the rolling hills of Southern York County to 3452-acre Codorus State Park where you can Wildlife watch, fish in the 1,275-acre Lake Marburg, or swim in the huge pool that sits on a bluff overlooking Lake.
York County Balloon Festival takes place June 19-21, 2009 John Rudy County Park
400 Mundis Race Road, York PA. 17406
Proceeds benefit York County Parks.
Activities are planned throughout each day:
Over 100 Arts & Craft Vendors
A Wide variety of Food Vendors
Horse Drawn Carriage Rides
Family oriented Activities all Day
Fireworks on Friday evening at dusk
and a Car Show Sunday
For more information:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Buying in a Buyers Market

The Long and Short of Short Sales

A Short Sale has been referred to by more than one real estate professional as a dignified solution to a financial crisis. The reality is that many homeowners today owe more on their homes than they are worth and don’t know what to do. If you have exhausted other options like a mortgage modification or a refinance or simply can no longer afford your home due to the loss of a job or other hardship a short sale may be the solution for you.

Short Sale Qualifications

There are three simple qualifications almost every lender will want to see to qualify you for a short sale:
1. Financial Hardship - your mortgage company will want to see that you have a verifiable material hardship that is affecting your ability to pay your mortgage. Hardships can be issues such as a payment increase, job loss, income decrease, medical expenses and any other issue that is truly affecting your ability to pay.
2. Monthly Shortfall – your lender will want to see that on a monthly basis your hardship is causing you to have a monthly shortfall. This means that they want to see that your monthly income is less than your monthly expenses. This is a simple calculation that can be done by adding up all your expenses and comparing them to your total income. If your expenses are higher than your income you have a shortfall.
3. Insolvency – your lender or servicer will want to see that you are insolvent prior to approving a short sale. Simply translated this means they want to see that you do not have the ability to pay down the balance of your mortgage in liquid funds.

Short Sale Process – How do I get this done?
In order to successfully sell your property through a short sale you will need to fully cooperate with your real estate professional. Your assistance in this process will give you the highest likelihood of a successful outcome, a sale and most importantly a foreclosure avoided.

Here is a simple list of items you can take care of immediately:
· Prepare your property for sale, this includes: remove all clutter, make sure all lights work, clean out your property and make it as presentable as possible. Your agent will have additional suggestions for you however there is no reason not to get started now.
· Gather the required paperwork and documentation that your agent will need in your first meeting you have, see the list below.
· If you believe a short sale is the right option for you, list your property with the qualified CDPE professional that gave provided you with this information. They will help guide you through this process.

Paperwork Needed for a Short Sale
(Start Now)

In order to demonstrate to your lender that you qualify for a short sale your agent will need the following documentation:
· Two months most recent mortgage statements (all mortgages)
· Two months checking account statements (all borrowers if separate)
· Two months saving account statements (all borrowers if separate)
· Two months other account statements (all borrowers if separate)
· Last two paycheck stubs (all borrowers)
· Two years tax returns
· Hardship Letter (see samples)
· Financial Worksheet (provided)
· Any other documentation to help your agent prove your hardship
Monthly Income Shortfall Calculation

Total Monthly Income
Total Monthly Expenses
Total Monthly Shortfall
Don’t Delay
Each day is important when you are exploring options on your mortgage – don’t wait one day that could be spent working with your mortgage servicer or lender on finding a solution to your specific issue.
How will my retirement be treated in a short sale?
There is a common misconception that in order to qualify for a short sale you can’t have any assets or savings. This is not normally true; in fact in many cases banks are disregarding retirement accounts that would otherwise be protected in a bankruptcy. Don’t assume that you will have withdraw funds from these account to qualify.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Home Buyers Seminar

York, Pa-- "The Pilgrim Team" at Professional Realty Associates is pleased to announce they are hosting a FREE informative Home Buyer Seminar. Anyone considering purchasing or investing in real estate should attend this special event. Learn about first time home buyer programs and the $8,000 tax credit. Take advantage of very low interest rates and how to buy short sales and foreclosures and save $1,000's of dollars!

Where: Tuesday May 19th at 7:00pm
at Perkins Family Restaurant (meeting room)
2500 E. Market St, York PA 17402

With Guest Speakers to include:
Maximum Realty Settlement Services will discuss the settlement process and how title insurance benefits you.
Steven Gohn of Credit Bureau of York will discuss how a person's credit score is an integral part of financing a home. He will suggest ways to improve their credit ratings, score and repair credit if necessary.
Tim Leiphart, V.P.National City Mortgage will inform us about new loan guidelines and taking advantage of the new First Time Home Buyer's Credit.
Jerry Pilgrim, Professional Realty Associates will speak to buyers interested in purchasing Homes for sale in york pa and what to expect when purchasing foreclosures and short sales.

Anyone who attends will receive a buyer’s orientation book and prizes.
All Attendees who purchase a home with us will receive a Free 1 yr. Home Warranty.
For more information or to make reservations for the Free seminar call Professional Realty Associates at 717-757-5955 or visit our webpage at and click the link to register online.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Stone Mill Estates

Looking for a new home? If you are looking for a single family detached home in Manheim Twp Lancaster County PA you have got to check out the exciting models with prices that begin at $249,900 that inclue a large homesite and 4 BR's, 2BTH & 2 car garage.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Buying a Short Sale?

Thinking about buying a short sale? If you are make sure your Agent is a CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert). They have the training that get s the job done through the tough negotiating process. A CDPE has an average of an 80& success rate. Wheras the typical agent has a 20% rate. Who do you want working for you? Go to:

Monday, April 27, 2009

Buying Foreclosures and Short Sales

by Jerry
The York County PA home market for foreclosures and short sales has really been heating up with the weather. Buyers are looking for house deals and they are finding them. Buyers need to realize that when they are looking for a good deal on Homes for sale in york pa that they will need to wait up to 60 days or longer in some cases to get the Lender to come back with either the acceptance of the offer or a rejection. Don't be discouraged by a rejection! It is all part of the negotiation process with the lender. The Lender will accept a counter-offer and usually accept it with sales comparable to back the offer up. They are trying to save the bank as much as they can to keep the loss to a minimum. Let the Pilgrim Team do the work for you when you are looking to save possibly thousands of dollars. We have the expertise and the knowledge few other real estate agents have with regards to foreclosures and short sales. You may have to be patient and wait longer but the savings will make it worthwhile. Call Professional Realty Associates and we'll get you started.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pets Available at the SPCA of York County

by Kathy Ward
Because of the downturn in the economy many families are losing their jobs & many times their Homes for sale in york pa due to not being able to afford their mortgage payment any longer. Not only does it affect the family but it also affects the pets in the family. Many times when people are losing their Homes for sale in york pa they have to move into an apartment & pets are not always welcomed or the security deposit & extra charge for pets is too much of a financial burden. It's such a sad situation for everyone.
I'm a HUGE pet lover! My husband & I have "fur kids". We have two Yorkies, Lucy & Lexi & two cats, Madison & Max. We also feed & give shelter (in our garage!) to stray cats that we have named, got a few of them spayed & neutered, so they're part of the family, too!
If you are thinking of adopting a pet, please visit the SPCA of York County located at 3159 Susquehanna Trail North York, PA 17406. Their number is 717-764-6109. They currently have 90 dogs & 430 cats for adoption. Please check out their website at to view their adoptable pets & check out lots of other information.
I work with "The Pilgrim Team" at Professional Realty Associates as a buyer's specialist. Our office is located at 3921 E. Market St. York, PA 17402. You can contact our office at 717-757-5955 if you are considering selling and/or buying a home.

Trout Season

Trout season is in full swing across York County. The season officially opened at 8AM on April 4th. York County is blessed with some very good trout streams and approved wild trout waters.
Yellow Breeches creek is a popular destination towards the nothern area of York.
Codorus Creek, Muddy Creek, Fishing Creek, Otter Creek and Bald Eagle creek are some others but by no means all of the creeks here in south central PA.
Trout must be 7 inches minimum in length to keep and the daily bag limit is 5. A Pennsylvania fishing license along with a trout stamp are required.
Some of the species you can expect to catch are rainbow trout and brown trout. You could catch a brook trout but that is a little more rare to do.
Some of the more popular baits are worms, Powerbait, spinners, and minnows.
There are also some sections of creeks that are fly fishing only but make sure to consult your rule book to see where these locations are.
The PA Fish & Boat Commission stocks most creeks and some lakes with hatchery raised trout a few times per year. Check out their website to see when your favorite creek gets stocked.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Home Buyers in York PA

York PA home buying
Wednesday, April 15, 2009
by Jerry Pilgrim
Springtime has finally arrived here in York PA! With the arrival of spring house hunters are out and about looking for bargains. Buyers in particular have been looking to buy a "foreclosure" or "short sale" where they believe they can get a home for much less than market value. Buyers need to realize that the benefit of saving thousands of dollars come with it's own price. Lenders are nearly as negotiable on the price if buyers want to have home inspections performed on the property. Lenders are much more willing to negotiate if the home is bought "as is".
Now is the time to buy a home in York County with mortgage interest rates at or near historic lows, house prices have fallen to the extent that home buyers can get a lot of house for the money. Some neighborhoods that have seen drastic price reductions are; Logans Reserve, Heritage Hills, Brittany, The Outdoor Country Club, Wyndham Hills, Sage Hill, Wallingford, Regents Glen. There are many more. Southern York County has seen home prices drop substantially in Shrewsbury, New Freedom, Stewartstown. For more information can provide neighborhood information on recent sales and demographics by providing a market snaphot.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

$8,000 Tax Credit For First Time Home Buyers

A tax credit of up to $8,000 is now available for first time home buyers who are buying a principle residence on or after January 1, 2009. This tax credit doesn not have to be repaid. First time home buyers need to act quickly because this perk will be discontinued on 12-1-09. Now is the time to buy Homes for sale in york pa here in the York County area. Interests rates are good, prices are low and if you are a first time home buyer you will receive a 8,000 tax credit!! Call The Pilgrim Team and Start Packing!!