Friday, May 07, 2010

Tips For Making A Small Room Look Larger

The current real estate market can make selling your home can be challenging. It may make it more difficult if you have some rooms that may be on the small side.

Small rooms can feel confining and uncomfortable, but you don't need to do a total remodel to make your rooms feel larger. By utilizing certain design concepts that fool the eye and the rooms seem much bigger and spacious. Below are some simple tips you can take to help make these rooms appear more spacious and inviting to prospective buyers.

1.Painting the room with light colors such as pastels, neutrals and white are a better alternative to “bright” or dark colors.

2. Avoid all clutter. Even on the walls it is best to use one larger painting rather than several small decorative paintings or pictures.

3. Any room will look larger if it's well-lit, either by natural light or artificial lighting. Get rid of heavy draperies and open up the windows to let the light of the outdoors into the space.

4. Mirrors are a must as they add dimension to the room by reflecting images, light and colors. Mirrors provide a “see through” feel to the room.

5. Be mindful of the furniture you select for the room. Large and bulky pieces of furniture should be removed. Using just a few smaller pieces in the middle of the room will improve the appearnce of space.

6. If possible choose glass tables, they open up the room and help to establish a larger room feel.
Use vertical space for storage. Add a hutch or floor-to-ceiling bookcases as a storage solution to reduce the amount of floor space taken.