Friday, March 12, 2010

Home Purchase Agreements

During the homebuying process, you will be required to submit what is known as a real estate purchase agreement to the seller. This agreement will be between you and the builder if the home you are buying is a new construction. The purpose of this agreement is a legal document between the buyer and the seller and will outline certain to aspects of the sale, including the purchase price.

The real estate purchase agreement also indicates specifics of the sale such as the time frame for the sale and any conditions or contingencies relating to the sale, and other things you should be aware of.

As with any other legal contract, a real estate contract may be formed by one party making an offer and another party accepting the offer. Typically, the party making the offer prepares a written real estate contract, signs it, and transmits it to the other party who would accept the offer by signing the contract. At this point, the other party may accept the offer, reject it or make a counteroffer. To be enforceable, a real estate contract must possess original signatures by the parties and any alterations to the contract must be initialed by all the parties involved.

Because these agreements can be confusing, it is always a good idea to work with a real estate professional when dealing with legal forms before signing if you have any questions or are confused with any of the terms.

What Can a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) Do For You?

What can Jerry Pilgrim, a CDPEAdvanced member, offer to homeowners in distress?

“I am a member of the CDPEAdvanced program. You may have heard of CDPEs or Certified Distressed Property Experts before. We are agents who have committed to understanding and providing foreclosure avoidance solutions to homeowners facing financial hardship.

Being a real estate agent today means something different than perhaps a few years ago.

Today, around 15 percent of mortgages are delinquent, or not being paid. That means one in six homeowners you meet may be experiencing the same challenges you are. So the first thing you should know is that you’re not alone, and that there are millions of others across the country in your situation.

As a CDPEAdvanced member, I’m part of the charge to turn this crisis around by immersing myself in the solutions available to distressed homeowners. And my goal is to bring the best option to each individual homeowner.

CDPEAdvanced gives me access to regular industry updates from the Distressed Property Institute, a company created by real estate leaders with the specific purpose of pulling as many homeowners out of distress as possible.

I also have access to a network of top agents nationwide who are also dealing with distressed properties. This is a powerful tool. It lets me find out what is happening on the front lines, what banks and buyers are looking for, which foreclosure avoidance tactics are working and which ones aren’t.

Between the market analysis and the network of agent communication, I can offer you the most current, relevant solutions. This housing market has become such a moving target that anyone who isn’t taking extra steps to keep up will simply get left behind. My clients need to know all the options available to them, and that is what I can deliver. This is why I am a CDPEAdvanced member.”

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