Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guaranteed Home Sale Program

In todays real estate market home sellers feel like they have few options when they sell a home. They are afraid to write a contract on another home when they still have a home to sell first. If they do write a contract it could be at a higher price since they can't give the home seller a guarantee that their house will sell. However, if the buyers know they have there house sold they can negotiate a lower price with the seller and give the seller a closing date. The Pilgrim Team at Professional Realty Associates can take the fear away of selling your home with our "Guaranteed Sale Program". We make it simple and in writing what we are willing to pay for your house and when we will buy it. Now you can shop for the home of your dreams and not have to worry about if your house sells. Our team of professionals are here to help you in all your ral estate needs and make it an enjoyable experience. Call us today for more details (717) 757-5955.

House Deals in York County PA Neighborhoods

There are a lot of folks out looking to take advantage of the current slumping housing market here in York County PA. The best deals seem to be in the neighborhoods built since 2003. To name a few comunities that have the most short sale and foreclosure activity they would be; Logans Reserve, Stewartstown Station, Peacefields, Chatham Creek, Sage Hill, Springwood, Wellington Hills, Hunt Club, Colonial Crossings, Pahagaco Heights,Rosebrook, Whisper Run, Wallingford, Brownstone Manor, Hunter Creek, Bennet Run, Chestnut Valley.