Friday, July 09, 2010

Short On Space? Make The Most With What You Have!

One of the most common complaints that homeowners have is the lack of space. The home that had lots of space when you first bought it has seem to shrunk over the years. It could be that your family is growing or you just find that your needs have changed over the years and suddenly your home is too small and you need more space. If purchasing a new home with more space is not in your plans, you can still utilize the space you have with some helpful hints below!

Utilize attic and basement storage. If you can gauge the temp and moisture levels in both attics and basements, they can be great places to store many things. Of course if your basement is susepable to moisture, storing items that can be effected by mold wont work. However, many things like old toys, sports equipment or small furniture can be stored no problem. Now, if you have no attic and no basement, but you have a lot of wall space, you could consider utilizing wall shelving units for things like books or pictures.

Utilize your closets. The problem a lot of people have with their closets is that they put too much in here and they don't utilize all the space available. If you need to reorganize your closet, it's a good idea to get your hands on some shoe racks, clothing bags (with hangers), storage systems, containers, etc. Try using some jewelry boxes as well for your earrings, watches, and necklaces. Storage systems are really popular right now for closets and most can be customize for your specific needs.

Don't overlook hidden space. The solution to finding extra space can be found in the areas you might have not thought about before. Some ideas are building drawers and shelves beneath a staircase or installing ceiling shelving units in the garage. Nooks and corners you may have thought were useless might end up being the extra space you need!


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