Monday, April 27, 2009

Buying Foreclosures and Short Sales

by Jerry
The York County PA home market for foreclosures and short sales has really been heating up with the weather. Buyers are looking for house deals and they are finding them. Buyers need to realize that when they are looking for a good deal on Homes for sale in york pa that they will need to wait up to 60 days or longer in some cases to get the Lender to come back with either the acceptance of the offer or a rejection. Don't be discouraged by a rejection! It is all part of the negotiation process with the lender. The Lender will accept a counter-offer and usually accept it with sales comparable to back the offer up. They are trying to save the bank as much as they can to keep the loss to a minimum. Let the Pilgrim Team do the work for you when you are looking to save possibly thousands of dollars. We have the expertise and the knowledge few other real estate agents have with regards to foreclosures and short sales. You may have to be patient and wait longer but the savings will make it worthwhile. Call Professional Realty Associates and we'll get you started.